Internet, meet Louie. He joined out family in May of 2018 and I can’t believe I’m such a bad dog mom. He’s like the fourth baby we never knew we needed. The whole family is utterly obsessed with him. He’s an old man, who is guesstimated to be 7-9 years old. We like to think of him as 7 so we can buy ourselves two extra years with him.

He was lost one morning, and Aaron found him on his early morning walk. He brought the little fella home and I took him to the shelter to see if he had a chip and an owner. He was so friendly I knew he had to have been a pet and someone most certainly would be looking for him. No chip. No owner. We left him at the shelter all week and no one came to claim him. So we did what any ridiculous family not looking to adopt a dog would do. Adopt him! The kids wore Aaron down all week, he even took them to visit him in the shelter once or twice. They had him fixed, we had two teeth pulled, and he became a member of the family.

We named him Louie, Louie V to be exact. We decided it was a pretty royal name for a most likely homeless dog. He is sweet, kind, and thanks us daily for bringing him into our family. He loves to nap, take walks, his favorite food is meatloaf and he hates the rain.

Louis is scared of the vacuum and the soda stream machine. He follows me everywhere and prefers to sleep on the couch rather than his bed you see in the photo above.

We think Louie could be a schnoodle but we don’t know for sure. He definitely has some miniature schnauzer in him, and we also guess part poodle. But some things we may never know, like his original name, his life before he came to us, and why he wants to attack the soda stream machine.

Welcome to the family Louie, we never knew what we were missing until you walked into the backyard.