10 Things - Tuesday Edition


Happy Tuesday! And since it's been forever since I've checked in, let's get right to a 10 Things post...

1. We got Disney passes! We went a few weeks ago and as the day progressed my whole family debated on putting our normal day tickets toward the purchase of annual passes. By 4pm we were convinced we needed them back in our lives. 

2. Aaron got a promotion at work, and while I am so proud of him, man working his old job and new job are tough. A replacement can't be hired soon enough! I've been picking up the slack at home, and mama's tired too. 

3. We got rid of cable. If you follow me on instagram you may have watched my whole insta story debate on why we got rid of it and how happy we are without it! We haven't missed it yet, and it's been almost 3 weeks. Looking forward to saving the $50 a month too!

4. I added this to my Amazon wish list last week, I am pretty sure all my kids would fight over it though.  

5. I recently listened to Oprah Winfrey's podcast where she interviewed Joe Biden. It was about the death of his son and it kind of broke my heart. I didn't know he lost his wife and newborn daughter many years ago, and then to lose his son recently. Heart wrenching. 

6. We took our first family bike ride of 2018 this past weekend and it reminded me that winter means blinking lights needed to be ordered pronto! It gets so dark so early. Looking forward to the days getting longer and longer now. We ordered these

7. I have discovered Ebates, and let me tell you, wow the money I could've been getting back! If you already use it, you can skip to #8. But if not, I gotta give you a quick rundown. I happen to do a lot of online shopping, Amazon, Target, you name it. So first I go to the ebates website, I type in the store I want to shop at, and it redirects me to the right website. It's kind of like a portal, and depending on the store, for every purchase you get cash back. Some stores are only 1%, but most are 3-6%. Gap the other day was 10%! Every three months they deposit your cash back into your PayPal account. How have I not known about this sooner? At first I couldn't really tell if it worked, but the first purchase took a few days and before I knew it, I had a little cash back balance growing. I honestly just head there every time before I shop and I would say I get about $10-15 back each month. Bonus, if you join through that link you will automatically get $10 deposited into your account once you start using it. I just bought you a salad. :)

8. After all these years, I think (10!), we are finally in the market for a new tent! This summer we are going to be zipping up a quiet tent, woohoo!

9. Have you guys checked out the Target collaboration with the brand with JoyLab? I have to say, I'm super impressed with their workout clothes. Great quality, the fit is awesome, and the price is perfect. Our Target didn't have a ton in stock, but I did manage to snag a few pieces online. And with my red card 5% discount, and the ebates cash back, well I just couldn't say no. 

10. Naps are basically the best thing in the world. I never ever thought I would say that, but my 37 year old mind and body loves them.