In My Cart


A little snap from a bike ride/skateboard sesh with the kids Monday night. I haven't done a sharing post in a while, so that's exactly what you're gonna get. 

It's hot hot hot here in Los Angeles, even hotter inland. We are staying cool with lots of smoothies, water, and not exercising, ha!

A few items that have found there way into our home and I completely 100% recommend:

We started taking colloidal silver at the beginning of summer, and 8 million thumbs up. We haven't had a single cold, fever, sore throat, nada since we started. I give the kids a half teaspoon each day, they hold it under their tongue for about 20 seconds for absorption and then swallow. Aaron and I take one teaspoon, doing the same. 

I have reordered these multivitamins twice now for the kids, safe to say we love them and I highly recommend them. 

I recently ditched my eyelash extensions after TWO years of wearing them and loving them. I am slightly sad, but I really really missed wearing mascara and eye makeup. Ha I know the irony! I got them originally to save time putting on makeup and for two years have rarely if ever worn eye makeup. I debated for a few weeks or months not getting a fill and just couldn't quit those lashes, I loved them. But I am also happy to save the money I was spending on them, and invest it in some fun mascara and shadow. I have been using this mascara for a few weeks, and love it. It is designed for those baby lashes, especially bottom lashes, but I also use it on top as well. Not clumpy, perfect consistency. But be warned the brush is super thin, like you can barely make out it's a brush until you start to apply and then you're like, ahhh, this is amazing. I have very sensitive eyes to mascara and this one hasn't irritated me at all. 

Speaking of makeup, these wash cloths are the softest I have ever encountered and work beautifully when I take my makeup off. 

If you follow me on Instagram I shared in my stories a few products I recently purchased and would be reviewing. The top of the yes list is this sea buckthorn oil. It is extremely lightweight and I would recommend it for most skin types. It's easily absorbed, reasonably priced, and very hydrating without clogging. I've used it for a few months now and it's become a staple in my routine. I use it at night time after cleansing. I also have incorporated these super cheap Lil Scrubbies into my routine, I use them about twice a week in place of a scrub. While cleansing my face I just rub them gently all over my face, they are extremely soft and gentle on the skin. 

Those are a few of the items that have made it into my shopping carts multiple times, or are in my cart just waiting for a reorder.