Bye Summer '17

Summer of 2017 you are almost over. One kid (can I still refer to high school sophomores as kids?) starts school Wednesday, and the other two next Monday. We have been busy school supply shopping, buying new lunch boxes and backpacks, trying on uniforms, packing pencil cases and checking school schedules. 

Summer '17 you have been good to us. One of the best yet. It took me a good week or two to find my groove. It was a summer full of travel yet was probably our most laid back one to date. Other than our planned vacations we took advantage of not having set plans and did what we wanted. Want to go to the beach? Let's go. Movie? Let's do it. Rock climbing? Sure. I did have to work here and there, but I tried to do during two weeks of summer camp the younger two had. Two weeks was just right to give us a little routine, me time for work, and them time with friends. 

The photo above was taken from our recent camping adventure in Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park. Definitely a highlight of our summer. We explored and hiked and cooked on open fire, collapsed into our sleeping bags each night, and came home with hearts full and muscles sore. 

We are all excited about this school year. I am particularly excited to be back to only TWO schools! Three school was tough last year and I am thankful I will not be back at three schools anytime in the foreseeable future. Two it is from here on out! We made it through last year, challenges and all. I think I only forgot two kids one time each. Not too shabby if you ask me lol. I will never complain about having kids in different schools ever again. I usually start school years anxious and a pile of nerves and this year I don't have those feelings. I am certain it will be full of good and bad, challenges and tears, and new and old friends, and I feel like we will get through all of it together. It's going to be ok. I love the changes that this school year is bringing for our family. I love having Greta back at school with her brother. We are ready for you.

Maybe it has something to do with how good you were to us Summer. Thank you for your sunshine, your warmth, your cool nights, your long days, and your open roads...come again soon.