A little site refresher...

You might notice if you poke around the site a bit, I've done some freshening up! I can't believe it's been so long since I've updated some of the pages. The tabs at the top, like 'About' and 'Press' have all gotten new information and links and photos too!

I am working on a post to share our family photo shoot, which I am INLOVE with! We were heading to Joshua Tree for a family getaway over Spring Break and a few weeks before we left I checked into doing a photo shoot while we were there. We have so many work schedules and weekend obligations to juggle that we couldn't come up with a weekend to take updated photos (and it's been YEARS since our last shoot). Our vacation turned out to be the perfect solution, everyone was relaxed, off work, and the destination made for an awesome backdrop. And other than one minor clothing mishap where I forget to pack a crucial item for myself that left me searching thrift stores in the area, it went off without a hitch. Actually, better than we expected. But more on that later! I will share photographer details, clothing details, location, and all that soon. But for now you can poke around the site and see bits and pieces of that shoot. Thanks for being here, and still reading, whether you are new or old, I love that this place is still going strong.