Thoughts on Aging...

I wrote this title in a blog post draft and then saved it thinking I would come back when I had more time and I would remember exactly what I wanted to say. I guess that's the irony, I'm too old to have a memory that good haha. I guess that could be be counted as thought #1. 

I turned 37 last month and I have been thinking a lot about getting older because...well, I'm old now, so I think about it a lot. Simple enough right? In all seriousness I do have some things that I have come to realize about aging. 

  • effort: this one is a biggie. I have come to realize just how much effort it takes to maintain things, and when I say things I mean health, body, all the stuff around and inside me. I never had to think much about my body being healthy until the last few years. But I can tell you for certain it takes so much effort now. I have no qualms about my body being a little softer now compared to when I was younger, and I make no effort to have a rocking hard body(who has the time or money?!). But just to fit into the clothes I own and have worn for many years means I am exercising 4-5 days a week. Working up a sweat is no longer something that I do just to feel good or get a better nights sleep, no, I have to sweat almost daily because I know it means my life will be extended and my health will benefit from it, and the bonus is my clothes will fit ;)
  • perspective: this is a also a huge one. I have noticed that the older I get the less I understand younger generations. I thought it was the older you got, the more you understand. But apparently I am not working like normal people. I stare at younger people, and I don't mean kids, I mean 20 somethings, and I am just not feeling it like maybe I should. The time that they have at their fingertips! The energy! And it's spent on such worthless things. I feel maybe my 20s weren't average because I was a mom at 21, so I may have just skipped that whole footloose and fancy-free thing. Is that why I have nothing in common with people in their 20s? I went from 19 to 39?! Hah!
  • goals: I feel like as I age not only do the goals change (duh), but they become a lot less specific. Well, at least for me this is the case. Instead of wanting to read a book once a month, I may set a goal of trying to more grateful, or complain less, or laugh more. Honestly, wanting to raise my kids to be kind and hard working individuals is right up there at the moment. Everything else can wait. 
  • travel: I'm pretty sure my intense desire to travel has more to do with the ease of traveling with older kids, maybe less to do with my age. But I feel like time is slipping through my fingers, and I want to see so much of the world with my kids. 
  • shopping: this one is a funny realization. The older I get, the less I shop, the less I enjoy shopping, and the more I want to just click a button on my computer and smile as I open a box on my doorstep the next day. There is one exception however. I am enjoying wearing makeup and shopping for makeup as I age. Is it because I need to wear makeup more? Probably. Cie la vie. 

There you have my thoughts on getting older. 37 was definitely much less painful than 35 and 36. And yes, I know that 40 is knocking, and maybe by then I'll be A-Ok with it. My grays are starting to sprout and my crows feet you can see up in that photo above, well I don't know that it's all that terrible. I feel like I may have earned every one of those fine lines and overcame challenges along the way. This is 37.