Beauty & Clothing Finds

Happy Tuesday everyone! I have had this post half written for awhile, but better late than never is my current motto. But, I've got some really good finds for you guys, like these little sample guys above for basically free. And some cute shopping finds. I have some more pieces to share with you soon, but for now here's what I'm loving. 

The oils by Biossance have been very impressive and I especially love their squalane and vitamin c rose oil. Not be confused with squalEne with an E. Squalene is derived from shark liver oil, but SqualAne is derived from plants, much better. Right now you can get these two little jars pictured above for just the shipping and handling which is $4. Go right now and try them, you can thank me later with presents and kisses. I use them at night after I have cleansed and toned, right before I put on my eye cream. I'm already on week 2 of using them and am not even halfway through. 

Your next stop for beauty samples needs to be Odacite. Once I sampled a few and figured out which oils I love, I have purchased full size bottles of them, more than once. I'll share a few of the oils that I would recommend for different skin types. I have dry and dehydrated skin that easily clogs, but as I age I notice loss of elasticity the most. If you have aging skin like me I would recommend you try Ma+N Elasticity. I would recommend for ALL skin types the Ac+R Youthful Glow and the Ba+S Eye Contour. If you've got oily skin or breakout Gr+G or Jo+L. Again, all you pay is the shipping and handling and you get 3 little vials in the photo above. They're precious oils so savor those samples. But I always recommend trying a product first before you commit, and for a few dollars you could get a week or so of the product to really try it out. 

Ok, another new product in my purse that I am a tad bit obsessed with is Lanolips, holy moly! No parabens or mineral oil, none of those chemicals, and it is heavenly. And I mean thick and velvety. If you're not an Ulta member yet, you need to be. I signed up for their rewards program and got a lovely $3.50 coupon in my inbox that I was able to apply to this baby and little surprises like that are always sweet. Who doesn't like to save a few dollars? Plus I purchase all my makeup needs at Ulta, they've got everything

I usually share my favorites over on my Insta Stories, and demonstrate how I use them, but I might incorporate sharing them on the blog too. I like to share what works for me because maybe it'll work for one of you. 

Now onto a basic that has quickly become a favorite in my closet. I threw this jacket in my suitcase for a recent road trip and I wore it the entire trip! It's super versatile and thin enough you can layer it easily. I recently discovered Tobi and you cannot beat their prices. A few other pieces that made it into my cart, this top which Greta is already eyeing, and this romper for an upcoming beach summer vacation.