Spring Cleaning with Lemi Shine

*This post is in partnership with Lemi Shine, all opinions are my own. 

I love when new products make household chores safer AND more effective. There's absolutely no reason in this day and age to subject our families to toxic chemicals, and I was thrilled when Lemi Shine reached out for a collaboration. Sharing fun things with My Life at Playtime readers is something that I get very excited about. Almost as excited as I get about spring cleaning. No, I'm serious. I kind of love big, deep cleaning jobs. There's a lot of satisfaction and 'feel good-ing' once my house is spic 'n span, at least for the few seconds it lasts anyways. 

Especially when things are not in my control, that's when I concentrate on the things I can control. And cleaning is one of them. When I'm stressed out or worried about something, I get to cleaning. It's therapeutic. So is list making. Here, I'll demonstrate. 

Spring Cleaning To Do List in our home includes:

  • closet clean outs for the kids
  • vacuum mattresses
  • deep clean of dishwasher
  • bathroom deep clean-wipe down all surface top to bottom
  • change A/C filters
  • deep clean garbage disposal
  • clean out HEPA filters in air purifiers
  • deep clean washing machine

Don't you feel better already?! :)

Lemi Shine has a whole range of products that helped me this spring cleaning season and I would love to highlight a few favorites! How can you not be excited about cleaning with this lineup?!

  • Lemi Shine Everyday Cleaner- this product had me at the first spray. It smells like I just squeezed a fresh lemon all over. I love the natural ingredients in this, but I don't have to sacrifice power or effectiveness. Thanks to their trademarked GunkGuard it creates an invisible protective barrier which makes surfaces last cleaner longer. And we all want our spring cleaning to last as long as possible!
  • Lemi Shine Dish Detergent Booster- my kids unload and load the dishwasher on Saturdays. Since I do this chore every single other day of the week, it's only fair. The problem is they often leave a good amount of dishes and glasses IN the dishwasher complaining "they're not clean enough". In comes this little green product(I have it there on the counter in the first photo). If you've got hard water like we do, the minerals cause a film to remain after your regular washing cycles. This booster along with Lemi Shine Dishwashing Detergent Pods have solved our Saturday chore complaints and our dishes are clean freak clean. 
  • Lemi Shine Concentrated Dishsoap- I'm a bit of a dish soap snob, it's hard for me to change when I like something, but just like the Everyday Cleaner, I cannot help but LOVE the Lemi Shine Concentrated Dishsoap. You guys, the citric extracts in it are amazing! Not just amazing in smell, but in the soapiness and effectiveness. If I use a drop of this stuff, it really lathers. I've used dish soaps in the past where you have to use an entire tablespoon to get a good lather going, but not this one. Two soapy thumbs up!

I am also a huge fan of their appliance deep cleaners, they have one for the washing machine, dishwasher and garbage disposal. I'm all about preserving our appliances, and taking good care of them is the best way to stretch out their lives. Just run a wash or a load with one of their cute little deep cleaners and your appliances are good to go. 

Don't take my word for it though. Click on any of the Lemi Shine products I've linked to and will take you to their site where you can find coupons and find the store nearest you that carries them. 

Happy Spring Cleaning friends! Let me know what you try and what is on your spring cleaning list!