12/12 December Video

And this project of 2016 is officially over! This video probably took the longest to make because of all that we packed into this 10 day trip. And I honestly could've made three separate videos with all the footage we had. When you get to the Devil's Bridge in section 1 you can envision me crying pretty hysterically while Greta videotaped Gunnar. I don't love heights but I didn't know I was that fearful of them. When we go to it I could not stop crying, it was pretty strange. And I had to be convinced by a stranger, another mom, that it would be ok and I could let my kids go out there. She assured me that it wasn't as narrow as it looked from our vantage point. I think I cried the entire hike back down. The second section you'll see a funny part of me trying to ski in several feet of fresh powder. It was the hardest workout I've had in years. And virtually impossible, you'll notice at one point I just collapse and give up lol. The third section has some donkey footage from a ride around the rim and all that wobbly filming is by sweet Greta haha. I hope you enjoy our little road trip adventure. We sure loved it and had such a memorable time. Time to plan the next... 

The only part of this project that I wish was better was the resolution of these uploaded videos. I wish I could share with all of you exactly how the video looks on my screen which is crisp and clean, but I guess that would involve upgrading to a professional uploading site. And those pesky ads that pop up, I would love to not have those.