Link Love


Happy Friday friends! We are busy over here flying through the final days of 2017. We've had some home repairs to repair some termite damage, next up is painting and then tenting to get rid of those buggers. Talk about not fun and expensive! But it's good to have peace of mind that we are getting this all taken care of the right way. 

Isn't that such a peaceful photo above? My heart broke watching the fires engulf those hills in the background of such a beloved place in Ojai. I am so sad for the communities affected by these wildfires. It impeded us such a little, poor air quality, and Gunnar had school closed for 3 days. Nothing compared to what so many have experienced. 

A few things I think you might find interesting too:

I posted about this magazine on my IG stories awhile back, but just discovered you can read it online. Such timely articles for those of us raising kids these days. This particular issue my dad saved for me to read. Go read it. It's hard but important. 

My bedside table has this book on top of it right now, a friend loaned me it and it's so interesting. I loved all the Malcolm Gladwell books back in the day, and this really reminds me of those. 

I add a tablespoon of this daily to a cup of tea. I've been taking it for a few months now and have just started to notice a difference in my hair. I've been getting compliments on my skin too, but I've been also using this tool regularly for a few weeks. So maybe all the things are finally working, haha. 

I found this article, lengthy but so interesting. Kind of depressing for those who have fallen into this cycle. 

Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend! And if you have kids that are starting their winter break, yay for sleeping in and no packed lunches! Boo for messy houses, too much screen time and sibling fights. :)