Friday Links

It's been awhile since I did a Friday link list and I miss them. I really love when my favorite blogs link to interesting stuff that I don't know about. So maybe you like these, maybe you browse on through, either way sharing is caring :)

We have been riding our bikes more and I love love love it. Love this little family of mine even when we are arguing or hangry (fyi when I typed hangry into my keyboard auto correct offered me both 'hungry' and 'angry' as options, duh auto correct! that's exactly the words hangry means!). 

I got this little pot of amazingness this week, and holy moly I guess I figured out the whole dewy highlighted secret that I see women pull off all the time. 

Microblading, I think I might need to do a little post on it, or at least an instagram story about what it is and how inlove I am with the results. My retouch is all healed and I couldn't be happier. It's a semi-permanent makeup that allows me to wake up every day and not fill in my brows. It lasts about a year. Julia was my artist, and she is reachable here

Some overnight masks to try for a DIY home facial treat. 

Since the kids are back in school I've been catching up on some podcasts. Last week I listened to two This American Life podcasts about the refugee camps in Greece for Syrians and Afghanis and they are so well done. If you have an iPhone you have an icon that says 'podcasts', just click on it, go to search at the bottom and type in This American Life, hopefully the podcasts are still available for download for free. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo