Life Lately

I shared a bit on Instagram last week. It was a Wednesday, I had been in a horrible mood all day, I yelled too much, I had no patience, I never said yes, then I felt bad for being in a bad mood which put me in a worse mood. Aaron and I decided that a hike date just the two of us while we spared the kids any more time with their ogre mama would be best. We headed to Baldwin Hills stairs and hiked around after climbing to the top of the monster stairs. It didn't really help, to be honest. I so appreciated everyone's sweet comments on Instagram about how sharing real life and honesty in a snapshot of time is always refreshing, since we all have our moments. And trust me I have mine. 

Summer is winding down and I always end up with a pit in my stomach right before school starts. It's a mix of dread, anxiety and excitement. Once school actually begins I'm usually feeling great, but the time leading up to it is torturous for me. Just so much unknown, scheduling to be done, organizing for the new year, personalities to get to know. This year will be a big challenge for me. Three kids in three schools with starting times within a block of 15 minutes. Pray for me, and don't try and communicate with me until after 8:30am in the mornings. I am not looking forward to the rush of our mornings and the hurrying out the door. I think waking up early will be my saving grace and that's what I plan to do to make our mornings as smooth as possible. 

A little fitness update since it's been awhile. We are about 17 weeks in since we started our new program and can you believe we still are working out 5-6 days each week? Insane. But we really enjoy how we feel, have never been stronger, and are healthier than ever. We still do circuit training 3 times a week for a half hour. Sometimes even late at night if we have no other choice. They're high intensity interval training. And then about 2-3 times a week we are either power walking or taking a gym class. I wanted to update on a few supplies we recently purchased, we finally decided to invest in some fitness accessories since we mostly work out at home. 

This medicine ball is fabulous. I had been using one barbell of 4 lbs before, and it was time to up the weight and get a real one. I use the yellow one, 6-7 lbs. 

Aaron got new dumbbells which have been great. 

Still love my Fitbit Blaze, although now I am so used to wearing it, I feel naked without it. I use it to track not just my steps, or the distance of our power walks, but mainly for my heart rate. I try to keep my heart rate in a certain zone for a period of time and this takes all the guesswork out of it. 

Don't forget to enter this giveaway, and family you can enter it too! I have nothing to do with picking the winner, so you have just a good of chance as anyone haha. And while you're at it, enter this one too! So much to give away this summer to readers, I love it. 

We have high school orientation in the am, so signing off before I go back and look at more video footage of Gunnar as a toddler because I'm a glutton for punishment. High school! How did we get here...