Check In

If you could believe me that the photo above came straight out of my camera without edits, you should. Because it's true. As I have been archiving away day in and day out, I have been slowly sifting through our summer vacation photos. And this is pretty much how the sunset looked every single night in Mexico.

I just completed archiving all our photos, videos have been taking a lot longer. The gems I have come across, I am seriously holding myself back from flooding the blog with old photos and video clips. But I will refrain since I think you're less interested than me and my mom in the kids' old baby photos. Looking back on footage has been more emotional for us than we expected. 

Recently there has been so much sickness and death all around our family and within our family. I feel strange not sharing a bit of it here. It's been a heavy week, no, more like a heavy month. It feels like we are constantly reminding each other that this is all temporary. Although that is true, we still grieve and mourn and wish for better days right now. The mundane things that are so routine include a dark cloud with them at the moment. But sunshine will come. Isn't that the saying, 'there's always sunshine after a storm'? Yes, that must be it. 

Hoping you all have a good weekend. I know today is only Thursday, but I think we all need to start the weekend a little early, mentally if by nothing else.