Guitar Lessons

I've shared how much my kids LOVE playing guitar on here and on Instagram in the past. But I realized I haven't given too many details about their lessons and schedule. They've taken lessons on and off for years, but only consistently the last year or so. We found a fabulous teacher, and the kids are now at the age where they are into music and can really make progress. 

I'm not super strict with practice, they pick up the guitar all throughout the week to play a song here or there, and sometimes they play for a really long time. So I don't feel the need to nag them about practice. In addition, the boys were in rock band for their school elective last semester, and so that was extra guitar time playing twice a week. 

If you're local to the westside of L.A., and you're thinking of starting guitar lessons for your kid(s) you must give Robin from RLR Lessons a call (or an email rlrlessons@gmail.com). She is not only fantastic with kids, she is one of the coolest people my kids have met. Ask any one of them, and my kids are all so different, and yet they all love her. She has a lot of experience as well, teaching for 9 years and playing for 21 years. She comes to our home, which is a huge help for me. My kids all do their lessons back to back, and sometimes they have a group jam lesson. It's the best, and watching them play makes my heart beat a little faster. 

The other night we had some kids (teens) over and we were by the fire pit outside. Gunnar brought out his guitar and started playing, and then everyone took a turn looking up different songs for him to play, and sing along to. Songs he had never played before, but he read the music off their phones and just knocked them out of the park. Every single request they had. It wouldn't have been possible without Robin's patience and dedication, and it just makes me smile, and it'll make you smile too.