Tackling Digital Organization with HP & HSN

This post is sponsored by HP. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that this summer I have undertaken a HUGE organizational goal for our family. One that I know will be worth it after the many hours of hard work involved. Many readers have asked that I share the process with them, along with any tips and tricks I have for this mammoth task. 

First things first: the GOAL

  • I desperately would like all of our photos and videos (vacation, births, childhood, school performances, all of them!) easily accessible in one location. Yes, I of course will have an external hard drive backup, but I don't want to have to lug it out every time I want to scroll through photos of 2007 or watch videos of our kids' first time at the zoo. 

That's a lot of footage...


  • Space! This goal requires a lot of space. My 2016 video goal of a monthly family video has proven to be a huge space hog, and we are only half way through 2016. And if you haven't noticed I take a lot of photos. I've definitely slowed down as the kids have gotten older, but I still take more than the average amount of photos. 2 terabytes of storage is a requirement. 
  • Color. Design. Let's be honest here, I work much better when I'm excited about something. Vacuuming those floors is a whole lot more enjoyable when my vacuum is cute and easy to maneuver. Same goes for tech work in my book. If I'm working on a computer that makes me excited and dare I say will even color coordinate with me, win win. No longer is it necessary for laptops to be boring. Why shouldn't your laptop be fun and exciting? And stylish?!
  • Size. Through the years we have experimented with many different sized desktops and laptops. I've learned that my ideal laptop size for the work that I do and need to continue to do is 15 inches. 

Enter: the SOLUTION

  • When HSN reached out to tell me about a brand new launch with HP that checks off all of my essentials, I was all ears! Oh, and it comes in blue? Where do I sign? HSN is featuring as their Today's Special on July 24th the HP Notebook laptop that is helping me complete my mammoth digital goal, and dare I say it's super stylish. Archiving all of our digital media from the last 16 years (ok maybe 10 years because pre-2006 we didn't have a DSLR camera) has actually been enjoyable. The good news is you don't have to actually wait until Sunday, July 24th to purchase the laptop, they are offering pre-sales for them right now. 

A bonus to tuning in and watching the live launch on Sunday is that Brooke White and Summer Bellessa of the Girls with Glasses are hosting the show. I have admired these lifestyle bloggers for years and can't wait to see their styling tips and how they feature these new thin Notebooks. 

I will be sure to check in here with all of you on how I am progressing with this very ambitious goal. Good news, I am already done archiving 2011 through 2016. It is possible friends!