Just popping in to say a quick !hola! We just got back from our annual vacation with my side of the family and it was fabuloso. It was our first time staying at a ClubMed resort and we loved it. I'm thinking I might have to do a little ClubMed guide one of these days because there are some things I would've loved to have known ahead of time. I feel like it took me 2 days to get my bearings and not miss things. 

I haven't even loaded a single photo from my camera, but I have a disc with some photos that a resort photographer took, so here's one family shot of that gorgeous sunset we admired each and every night. I'm already having some withdrawal of the best Mexican food of all time. Anxious to get unpacked and laundry put away, but first thing was first. Our garage door broke just before we left, and parts were on order while we were gone. We arrived home and fortunately the springs came and Aaron has spent the better part of today fixing it. Alas I can finally get my car out of the garage. I was thinking about how much walking I could anticipate tomorrow if the fix didn't work, but it did. Phew. 

We also celebrated our high schooler before we left. Gunnar had a speech for his 8th grade graduation that brought the house down. So proud of that boy.