double digits {ten}

D O U B L E  D I G I T S ! I can't get over the fact my baby is 10, but I must because this is true and there's no getting around the fact you'll never be a single digit ever again.

This year has been such a big year for you, both developmentally and socially. We are so proud with what a wonderful and diligent student you are Greta. You work so hard and you take such pride in your work. You had one of the leads in your class play this semester and you worked your little bottom off remembering all your lines. You had just the right amount of sass and eye roll to play the part. Although something tells me you didn't have to act too much for that part... :)

You are such a good friend to your friends, kind and caring and I love that you avoid all the drama. Thank you! If there is one thing I needed from a daughter it was to stay out of all the girl problems, and you do! You don't have time for it with all your skateboarding and snowboarding, guitar playing and music video making. You also informed me you would like to take surfing lessons this summer. Of course you do!

You're still the most responsible child in the family, and I have a feeling if that were going to change it would have by now. So you win the trophy! You help out around the house, especially when I am working. You try to keep daddy on track and remind the boys when to get dressed, and I have even caught you helping organize their room for them from time to time. You're a little mama with your cousins and you love a good adventure. Hiking, camping, exploring, swimming, skating. You name it, you're up for it. Oh and shopping has entered the scene recently. You've got your favorite stores and your style is very exact. You never disappoint with being true to yourself and not caring too much what others think and do. I hope desperately that never changes. 

You're very observant and it's a constant reminder for me to always make sure I don't put too much emphasis on looks and makeup and weight and all the garbage that is thrown at you in media. I want you to know that what's on the inside needs to be beautiful, that's what we need to work on and constantly try to improve. Our kindness, our sensitivity, our humor, our loyalty. That's what is important.

You're already trying to negotiate wedge heels and lip gloss which is a no go, but I admire your determination. You have given up on the argument about your friends getting to wear this or that. I know as soon as we start, there's no going back. So I will push that off as long as humanly possibly. But I enjoy your videotaped tutorials I find on my phone about applying makeup and making eyeliner appear to look like a cat. Which is usually followed by a tutorial on how to remove the makeup, especially so your mom doesn't catch you. 

I love you baby girl and I love the person you are inside and out. Watching you grow up is a beautiful gift and one I know is fleeting. I hope and pray each and every day that you are confident in who you are, kind to everyone, and never give up exploring new things. 

Welcome to ten!