Sixteen Years...

Sixteen sweet years married to this guy. 16! SiX TeEn! That's a long time and yet the blink of an eye. We celebrated our anniversary last weekend with a quick getaway to Las Vegas. Can you believe this stud also turns 40 today? I'm married to an old man. And I wouldn't change that for anything in the world. He gets better day after day, year after year. He's my jam. 

Ok, 16 fun and sweet facts before I make you nauseous:

  1. His favorite fun accessory is a pair of socks. So. many. socks. 
  2. He knows the words to every late 80s/early 90s rap song, don't ask me why. Actually I'll tell you why. I read somewhere, or maybe learned it on TAL, that we remember things for the rest of our lives if we learn them at the age of 12, I'm guessing when he was 12 he learned these lyrics, and now they push out all the important things he should be remembering out of his head. 
  3. We can't wait to retire, I know it's a funny goal for people our age, but all we want to do is hang out and travel and take naps and not work. 
  4. He's a total morning person. And I've become better in the mornings than I used to be. At one point in my life, if I didn't sleep in long enough I would actually cry when I would wake up.
  5. We honeymooned in Kauai. 
  6. We also ran out of the spending money we brought on our honeymoon and ate at Taco Bell for several meals at the end of the trip. 
  7. We spent the first year of our married life living in Brooklyn Heights. 
  8. The longest we've ever been away from our kids is 4 nights. And that was 6 years ago, writing that makes me realize it makes no sense whatsoever. 
  9. He gives a mean foot massage. 
  10. He gets me flowers every anniversary. 
  11. If I can make him happy each and every day, I will do everything in my power to make that happen.
  12. He doesn't eat sweets. Or gluten. Or dairy. Or lentils...But I do. 
  13. He's pretty hot on a snowboard. And chopping wood. And when he's cooking when we camp. 
  14. He likes to think he knows me better than I know myself. Not true, but he is close a lot of the time. 
  15. We spend a lot of time together and we have yet to get sick of one another. We could always hang out for just one more hour, one more day, eh how about every day of the year!?
  16. Every day when he walks in the door, we hug, a minimum 6 second hug.