Round Up

It's been awhile since I've shared some articles with you. I really love this aspect of my job and I write just enough to keep it fun and interesting, but not too much to take over. Last year I wrote 2-3xs as much and it wasn't so fun. I still can see my clients, take care of the kids, help Aaron out when he needs me, and take care of the house some of the time :) It also provides a nice little income that I get to set aside and use for whatever I might fancy. Most recently I saved up for my Fitbit Blaze and I love it! I like that I don't have guilt because it wasn't exactly in the need category, and I contribute my regular income into our family account, so this was a guilt free splurge that came out of my little paypal account. 

Here is what I've been busy writing lately:

Remember those warm VO5 hair treatments we would do years ago? How about a 2016 version?

I'm a huge dry brush fan when it comes to battling cellulite, but this seaweed wrap kicks it up a notch. 

Face oils are all the rage at the moment, I use avocado oil myself, but a lot of people seem to be intimidated by it still. Don't be! Simple and so hydrating!

If you're feeling adventurous, a pH balanced DIY shampoo

Don't be afraid of the stickiness...raw honey face wash

I'm a big sheet mask fan, both in facials and personally, this DIY one is a little too easy, I'm almost guilty sharing it. 

What's multimasking?

And those are just from the last month! They're a joy to write and research, and I really appreciate the melding of my esthetician world with my writing one. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We are looking forward to a date night, a family hike, catching up with friends, and who knows, maybe a nap and some circuit training, because you know, Fitbit Blaze....always watching. xo