Skin & Beauty Finds

By now you all should be pretty familiar that skin care is pretty high up there on my list. It's what I do for work, it's what I love, it's ma' brand! But I'm always experimenting and trying new products to see what I could replace or what is more effective. I did a huge post on my am morning routine here, the majority of which is all still pertinent information with exception to a few alterations which I will share with you now. I kick around doing a night time routine post to share how I take it all off and what I do before I go to sleep, I'll add it to the checklist.

Here are my new finds in the skin and beauty department:

  • I swapped out my brow shadow and brush for a brow pencil, kind of like a crayon more than a pencil. I use it every day and I am the 'taupe' color. I order two at a time because when I run out I panic. 
  • I also added this oil to my routine, I mix it in with a drop of avocado oil. It's lovely. I started using it after a facial I had at Ojai Valley Inn last November, I'm on my second bottle. 
  • I'm a lip balm hoarder, always trying to find the ultimate lip balm to apply before bed. I read reviews like it's my hobby. I try a new one every month or so. This one is in my current rotation, it's reasonably priced and is really hydrating. When it comes to lips I also experiment with lip products for the day, when I need an spf on my lips, Babo is my go to. It smells divine and isn't too pasty, it's very moisturizing and I kind of like the pale tint the sunscreen gives my lips. 
  • Last but not least let's stay on the lips. I just got this in the mail a few days ago after reading about it religiously for a week. It got RAVE reviews in all the colors. I'm a big Dior fan when it comes to the lips, they really do the consistency and hydration just right. It's called Dior Addict Lip Glow and I completely get the addict part. It puts just a tint on to your natural lip color but it lasts forever! I don't think you can go wrong with any color, the pink and the coral would go with any skin tone, and it's not a lipstick, it's more of a lip tint. So you don't have to stress about trying it on and seeing if it looks good. Trust me! It'll look good, and last for hours, while still looking so natural and fresh. 

There you have my latest and greatest finds at the moment. I'd love to hear any must have products you use and love. Please share in the comments if you would like. xo