Bits & Pieces

Let's see...small bits like our television breaking and big pieces like Gunnar turning 15, so easy to decide what are the exciting things to focus on in our life! I can't even dwell on the fact that I've got a 15 year old son for too long before I start to get a racing heartbeat and sweaty palms. 6 months he'll be driving. Hold me. 

The weather has stayed cool here which is a very welcome change. You can see from the above picture that it's boot season, and it's also always ice cream season. Aaron snapped this last week at food truck night in Venice. It was chilly but delish, even if our favorite Cuban truck was out for repairs, we still ate and walked until our fingers were numb and our tummies full. Well everyone except for one kid, it's impossible to make him full. Impossible. 

Did you score some great deals during Black Friday or Cyber Monday? I always am stuck doing online shopping since we are out of town over the kids' break. But I think it's safer that way, ha. Some things that got me... new workout gear from Aloyoga, I love this brand and their pieces are so comfortable and such great quality. The kids got some basics they needed, and I scored a good deal on this letter board. Skin care products were at the top of my list and I got some great products I've been eyeing and wanting to try, but not wanting to pay full price. We also got ski/snowboard helmets. 3/5 of us have been renting the last few years, and I am so grossed out with renting and the whole ick and lice factor is enough to give me hives. Aaron and I have made the choice to both wear helmets now the last few years, it's just not worth the risk of going without, so we are being responsible and adult like, thumbs up. When I was shopping around, I did the rental math and if we wear our helmets 4 days they are more than paid for, woohoo! 

Yes, these are quite the random photos, but I like them. So I'm putting them here haha. 

Tv shows, are you watching anything great? Aaron and I usually spend our evenings catching up on work, prepping for the next day, exercising or falling asleep way before we intended, but lately we have been plowing through The Crown on Netflix. I am so excited to find a show that is actually clean and good and historically accurate even! Check it out, you'll love it. 

The book that I mentioned a few weeks ago has been released and can be found on Amazon. It's quite special to have contributed to this book and consulted for it, when I opened up my copy in the mail you couldn't wipe the smile from my face. It's visually beautiful, with gorgeous photos, superb recipes, and I'm just so happy for the experience it gave me. 

This is pretty much a jumble of things isn't it? I think it's indicative of what is going on in my head. This and that. A big mish mash with thought swirling on so many things.