Life Lately

I still haven't sifted through all of our Minnesota photos from this summer. I edited all our family shots with the extended family, but haven't touched anything else. So. Many. Photos. Above is one of my favorites from a state park near the area where Aaron grew up. So picturesque and beautiful. July has so far been the best time of year to visit Minnesota, in my opinion. I have visited pretty much every other month, minus August and I think I've never been in December, possible, but after 18 years the trips have melded together. But July took the cake. Best weather and prettiest scenery. 

I've been slacking in this space and I have a to do list of posts to share a mile long, but time seems to be working against me. Time and computer space ha. I need more memory to complete our July/August/September monthly videos! 

I do have a few things to share though...

Shrinking pores, myth or truth?

I shared in this post about the highlighter that I am head over heels about, all natural and serious dewy face game changer. I use it daily. Now I need to share with you this little treasure that I also can't live without. I use it on the inner corners of my eyes, underneath my brows, and I even line my lips with it if I'm going to follow with a nude shade of gloss or lip stick. Nyx is a new to me brand and I'm hooked, this nude pencil might just be the best nude shade I've come across, and it goes on super smooth and you don't need a sharpener, just twist and voila. 

I read this book in three days, really good mystery slash thriller which kept me guessing until the very end. 

I was stumped for what to get my sister and brother-in-law for their anniversary this year. I usually take turns each year with who the gift is intended for, but this year I just might have nailed it. He loves to cook, she loves to eat. So we gifted them a box of meat from Five Marys Farm. We have ordered from them in the past and let me tell you it's amazing. It's definitely more expensive than what you would pay at Whole Food's but there is no beating the quality. Her instagram is one of my favorites to follow, where else can you actually see your meat and know that it has the best life, that is up until butcher day. And you can actually taste a difference. Their farm is in Northern California and if one of their animals is sick and has to go on antibiotics it's immediately removed from the meat that is intended for slaughter. Just wanted to share because gift giving can be stressful and who doesn't love amazing, natural, organic meat to cook for their families?

I've also been meaning to share how much we love these little tablets. Sawyer, Greta and myself each got one, I mean they're $49 a piece! I use them for studying mainly, and when I'm at our congregation meetings. The kids use them all the time, they can watch shows on it, play games, they use them for reading and studying as well. You cannot beat the price and the product if you ask me. And if they drop and crack them one day it won't be the end of the world because of how reasonably priced they are.

We are surviving three schools at the moment and have found our rhythm. I drive a lot more than I ever did before, but it's not so bad. I also cherish the one or two days a week that I get to walk Greta to school alone. Which means I also cherish the mornings Aaron is around to help! 

That's all there is to share at the moment, we are enjoying the last bits of summer the next few days. September and October are usually really hot months here but it looks like it might cool down a bit before October is up. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. xo