You Are Loved

Could this homemade present get any sweeter if it were bathed in kisses and wrapped up in the arms of a new puppy?! I don't think so. Greta made this a few months ago for Aaron and left it on his pillow. I snapped a photo before he saw it because I wanted to remember it forever. 

In 2015 Aaron and I attended two different funerals for people far too young to have passed away. Both were about our age. Two funerals is far too many when you're only 35 and they are your peers. A day doesn't go by where I don't think about the reality for their families and how many times there is a new "first" without their loved one. Firsts that are not exciting or memorable in a good way, just heartbreaking, a reminder that they are only the beginning of many events without their son, or their mom, or their wife, or their daughter. A new normal. I gained perspective from contemplating the fleeting years these two people had with their families. It's important to appreciate every day and every moment we have with loved ones, and tell them. Just like this little gift that Greta probably didn't think too much about, she felt it, and she did something about it. Something we all can imitate, and one I am determined to. 

I took a break from the blog for far longer than I anticipated. I checked in for my weekly family photo series, but other than that I just didn't have or know how to share much. I didn't feel all that creative. I didn't feel like I had the time to write. It felt so small and inconsequential when people around me were dealing with loss and stress. So I stepped back. And you know what, I missed it. I feel like I have bit of my blogging mojo back and you'll be seeing me more. I'm not too sure at what capacity or how often or on what topics, but I'll be around these parts more than last year. 

Hoping the start of 2016 has you all feeling loved.