Jumble of Thoughts

First things first, I know I owe an entire Yellowstone post, and I promise next week will be the final part of our road trip. Promise. To tide you over here is one photo, isn't it just stunning? I've never experienced the water's reflection quite like this before. The colors too, so many hues of green, too many to count. 

I have been thoroughly enjoying the satirical Instagram feed of Socality Barbie. The highlight for me was when Kent was introduced this week. It makes me smile because I'm so glad that I'm not alone in the eye rolling over so many Instagram feeds. The white walls, the curated nightstands, maybe it's just not my thing. I want to see happiness and joy and laughter and even beauty. Yes, beauty, but don't tell me what beauty is. Beauty might be doing homework, it might be found in the car, I don't know, what I find beautiful you might not. So let's all be different, and share that! The hashtags on the account are hilarious as well. For me, a hashtag is to group my pictures together, I love seeing all my vacations in one space, or our car selfies in another, stuff I make in yet another, but it drives me bonkers to see how some people use them. This account is just perfection if you ask me. And while you're at it, clear out your feed of people who you follow that don't bring you joy. It's pretty freeing.  

A few weeks ago there were a ton of articles everywhere I turned regarding Yahoo's CEO pregnant with twins. Everywhere I looked, everything I read there was a comment about how discriminating it was that she is judged for giving her career priority, and that no father is scrutinized for coming back to work so soon after having a child. And I'll be totally honest here, that commentary drove me nuts. I absolutely hated reading all the headlines and articles that stated over and over how there is no difference between a man and a woman. There should be no extra thought given to a mother's time off versus a father's. To be brutally honest, how dare someone claim that I am not different than my husband. As I've gotten older I definitely feel like I have grown to understand and appreciate more traditional roles in families. Without debating too much I feel the fight for equality has obliterated the most beautiful differences in men and women. If we ever have coffee, let's discuss this more because I feel like I have so much to say...

And for a few lighter topics...

This principal gave me the best laugh.

And this, oh my goodness, cutest thing ever. 

Sex is never comfortable to discuss with kids, but this commentary by this mom, just had me rolling. 

Last but not least, I want to go to this school. And that's coming from an ex-PTA board member haha. 

Hoping you have a wonderful weekend, one that is cooler than the week we've endured of 95 degree temperatures!