Road Trip 2015 Part 2

Idaho! Aaron drove the leg of the trip from Salt Lake City to McCammon, Idaho. We rolled up just in time to see the Rodeo Parade come through Main St of this little town we were going to spend a few days in. My girlfriend found this gem of a boutique hotel pretty much in the middle of the nowhere. We cannot recommend it enough, from the amazing decor, restored rooms, one button Italian espresso machine, to the friendly owners and close proximity to Caribou County which is where we were going to be spending a lot of our time. 

The hotel had about 7 rooms I believe and our group took 5 of them. Most of the time we were the only occupants in the hotel so we would just float from room to room each morning and evening. The kids loved loved loved this place. 

The first night in Idaho the rodeo was in town and man did it blow my kids minds. It was such a fantastic experience. Food was a little rough on this leg of our trip. One morning Aaron took Sawyer across the street to the only diner in town for breakfast. They were craving fruit, so when the waitress responded that they had peaches, they were thrilled. That is until she showed up with a CAN of peaches. Sawyer has never seen canned fruit before and didn't really know what to make of the whole situation. Needless to say, he skipped the canned peaches and just waited until we were near a fresh grocery store again. 

We had a blast the few days we were in Idaho. We loved the historic towns, the water park, the scenery, the animals, the time spent with friends, but most of all we loved sharing the spiritual experiences with our kids, which was the whole catalyst for this trip in the first place. 

The thunderstorms, oh the storms! It was tough to wrap our minds around the whole warm outside, pouring rain part, since it's quite unusual in Los Angeles. But we enjoyed it. 

Man the fields, they just go on for days....

This little town we were told to go check out by a sweet couple and it was great. They had a little general store where we got huckleberry jam, sarsaparilla soda, and a bonnet. All of Greta's Little House on the Prairie dreams came true this day. 

It was a great idea to have rented cars, because these roads were no joke. 

We also spent some time in Soda Springs, Idaho. It was such a cute little town and has a geyser that goes off every hour. 

Lava Hot Springs was a resort town that had an amazing water park that the kids loved. We also checked out the Portneuf River and had some delicious meals there. 

Next leg is Grand Tetons, Wyoming!