Road Trip 2015 Part 4

Part 4! Our final day in the Grand Teton National Park took us to Antelope Flats where we saw a herd of bison. They look so large and yet when they run, man are they fast! It was incredible watching them run across the prairie and then they crossed right in front of our car. Babies and mamas, just beautiful creatures. Then we spent the morning hiking to the lookout of Phelps Lake. You can only get to this lake on foot, so there's no boats on the lake, no cars nearby, nothing. It's breathtaking. And what a gorgeous hike to an even more gorgeous view. 

Never know what you'll find on a hike. The kids were pretty thrilled. We spend the afternoon stopping by the Visitor Center to pick up Ranger Program guides for Sawyer and Greta. We needed to make sure we didn't miss anything before we left. We did some more exploring and stumbled upon more moose. 

We headed into Jackson Hole for dinner at Cafe Genevieve, this was our last dinner with our whole group of friends and family. It was delicious! Man, do we love Jackson Hole. The next morning everyone else was going to start the drive home through Idaho and Utah, and we were going to head further north to Yellowstone. 

Next up, YELLOWSTONE! If you'd like to see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, or the video