Food Deserts

*This post was written in partnership with Naked Juice. 

It's summertime, the season of barbecues, pool parties, camping trips, backyard gardens overflowing with veggies, back to school shopping, and grocery baskets filled with fresh fruit. Fresh spinach, nectarines, plums, and berries make their way into almost every meal on our table these days. Smoothies are a great and easy way for every single person in my family to get the needed nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables and enjoy them. We are fortunate to have a small backyard garden and some nights we head out to the garden to grab lettuce, kale or swiss chard, maybe a cucumber is ripe and ready to be enjoyed. On Aaron’s way home from work he might stop by any number of grocery stores to pick up something fresh and delicious, squeezing the avocado for just the perfect amount of ripeness. Am I making you hungry?

The reality for many, however, is very different. It doesn’t look like the easy backyard access to fresh vegetables, or the quick stop at a healthy market on your commute home from work. 

Have you ever heard of the term food desert? It's an urban neighborhood or rural town where there is no access to fresh, affordable, healthy food. And I'm not talking about somewhere none of us have heard of, I'm talking about Los Angeles. My city. According to Good Infographics, in a 30-square mile area of South L.A., there are only 60 grocery stores. That equates to one store for every 22,000 residents! How about we DO SOMETHING about it.

I'm so excited to team up with Naked Juice and Wholesome Wave today and share a campaign called Drink Good.Do Good. They are turning to all of us to help bring awareness to food deserts. But not only to educate us on what a food desert is, we can actually have a positive impact on these communities. There are fantastic videos and information you can find here

How else can we help? All you have to do is take a photo holding a fruit or vegetable, share it on your social media with the hashtag #DrinkGoodDoGood and tag a friend to do the same. For just that one photo you share, Naked Juice is going to donate TEN (10!) lbs of produce to Wholesome Wave. Their goal? 500,000 lbs! I know my readers are passionate about good health and I hope you’ll join me in this program. Click on over to my Instagram to see how just how easy it is. And then maybe just maybe we’ll help other tables look like this.