Articles Here & There

A few articles I've written over the last month that I haven't shared with you all yet,

If you're intimidated a bit by clay masks, this is a good guide to find the correct type of clay for your skin type. 

Tea tree oil is my go to for so many things, it's also been known for it's powerful affects in helping fight acne. 

And this DIY sheet mask is pretty fun. 

Last but not least, school has either started or is starting soon! I wrote an article on Classic Play about easing anxieties for our tweens when it comes to the first few weeks of school. 

I've enjoyed a slower summer, even when it came to writing for other sites. It was just the break that I needed. I feel that we all experience a bit of burnout when we push ourselves too much or we don't give ourselves the needed time to recharge. Some parts of life there is no luxury for burnout, like being a mom and wife. Those types of burnouts are usually accompanied with tears, or maybe lots of yelling (for me anyway!), but we still push through and just hold it together until we can crawl in our beds. I've found creative burnout to be so different. Other people can zap your creativity. Like, poof! it's just gone. I lost mine this summer. But I'm finding it again...

*photo above taken in Grand Teton National Park