How We Do Stuff : 10 Q&As

Do you need a break from the vacation photos? Do you like my witty title? I really couldn't come up with anything clever, I tried. I decided that it might be fun to get Aaron on here a bit more and at the same time give you a little insight into how we manage, handle, organize our family. Plus he's funny, so there's that. Here are a few questions that we both answered:

1. How do you divide the household duties? Deborah: I pretty much take care of daily kitchen clean up after breakfast, lunch(some summer days) and dinner. During the school year Aaron packs the lunches in the morning before he goes to work. I do most of the laundry and folding of laundry, although Aaron is a gem when I ask him to bring in a huge load of clean laundry for me. The laundry room is in the backyard and it can get heavy sometimes. I also make our bed daily, and take care of vacuuming, sweeping. We have a housekeeper one day a week that does big things like scrubbing bathrooms, dusting, and mopping. Aaron handles all the grocery shopping and cooking which is a huge undertaking. Aaron: Deborah does everything. Just kidding. Because buying groceries and making meals go hand in hand, I handle both. And Deborah does everything else. 

2. What is the one thing your spouse does around the house that you appreciate the most? Deborah: Aaron has a gift of making my dreams a reality. I can envision a project like a backyard garden, a fire pit, hanging lights, and he totally gets it. And usually it's even better than I envisioned, like the boys' beds he made. Aaron: Definitely Deborah's ability to clean up. We can both walk into a room, I'll spend two hours doing what I think is cleaning, and Deborah will spend 10 minutes and actually make it look cleaner than I did. 

3. What kind of expectations did you have when you first got married, that didn't turn out in reality? Aaron: None. No expectations. Deborah: A funny expectation I had when I was young was that I really thought you could resolve every single argument by kissing. Like what could a kiss not fix? Silly, I know. Although I must admit kissing does resolve a lot. :)

4. How does your style differ from each other? Aaron: Well, I'm very stylish. In all seriousness, the older I get, the more I feel my style has changed into looking for something that will withstand the test of time. Deborah has a very definite taste that I love to try to complement or I like to try to guess what she would choose in any given decision. Deborah: Aaron and I have very similar tastes so it's hard to pinpoint how they differ. But I would say he definitely has a bigger love for wood than me, he's  a fan the more rugged, log cabin feel, and I am more of a minimalist, clean lines, mid century feel, with eclectic pieces thrown in. But we meet somewhere in the middle of those and have never disagreed one time on a piece of furniture or decor. 

5. What is your favorite room in the house and why? Aaron: Besides the toilet room? Besides the garage? Probably the kitchen. It's where everybody gravitates to and sort of the communal room of our house. Deborah: Our bedroom is my happy place. I love the bed, I love to sleep, I love to hang out there, it's a sanctuary. 

6. How do you manage other household duties, like finances, repairs, projects? Deborah: I handle taxes, insurance, budgets, finances, all the paperwork and boring money stuff. Aaron handles the "manly" fixes, and the projects that involve tools, getting on the roof, or heavy machinery, basically the really important stuff. Also, all the changing of lightbulbs, 'do you smell something funny' instances, Aaron also cleans our water filter each month, and vacuums the dryer for lint. So he pretty much saves our lives every day. I just punch numbers in the computer. I also handle kids if that is considered a household duty. Doctor appointments, dental cleanings, teacher conferences, school supplies, problems at school, after school activities. Although not 100%, Aaron is usually in charge of their orthodontic visits. That started when Aaron had braces himself and it was easier for Gunnar to go along with him and they could both get their appointments done together. And now it's kind of stayed in his ballpark, which babe, the little ones really need appointments :) Aaron: Deborah handles all finances because she's so much better at it. I watch her on the phone with health insurance issues and wonder how anyone can do that and how I would never catch the mistakes, procrastinate and just put it off until it's too late to do anything about it. Repairs I usually just wait for Deborah to tell me what needs to be repaired. I don't mind doing it but I'm not good at preemptively doing things. I'm in charge of repairing things, I mean I'm the mechanic. I do get frustrated when Deborah thinks I can't repair something. 

7. How have kids changed your home? Deborah: We've had kids for as long as we've been living in this house. But I can imagine our home was cleaner a little longer, and more organized. Aaron: I don't know a life without kids. 

8. What is your spouse most deficient at? Deborah: Probably organization skills. Although he is majorly trying. Aaron recently organized the garage and his closet and I have to say it has stayed impeccable. Aaron: Appreciating the value of breakfast in general.

9. What's your favorite date night? Aaron: I don't like going to movies because you don't talk at a movie, and that's a waste of a date night. I do like going to a nice restaurant. Deborah: Ha! And I love going to movies! But I agree, a nice dinner is awesome. But I also love the uncommon dates like a concert, or an adventure into a different part of the city. 

10. What is one thing you would change about your home? Deborah: I would say I wish there were three stools at the island instead of two. The kids always argue over who gets to sit there, and it would be so much easier if we had foreseen that third baby! Aaron: A small annoyance is the location of the alarm keypad. But a big change would actually be to make the kitchen even bigger.