Road Trip 2015 Part 1

Our first two days of our epic road trip took us through 4 states. We woke up at 4:30am on a Friday to load up the car and had a 6am leave time. Our friends and my parents all arrived at our house to leave and we were off. We all rented minivans because we knew the roads wouldn't be kind to our kinds, the mileage was going to be large, and my family decided to fly home, so we had no choice but to rent. I have to say it was a great idea, well worth the rental fee. Road trips are hard on our cars, far harder than I imagined. 

Leaving at the crack of dawn was fantastic. We made it to Vegas by 10:30 and we hadn't even stopped for as much as a pee break yet. Our goal was to be in St. George, Utah for a late lunch, and with the time change we were there around 2pm. The kids were thrilled they drove through parts of Nevada, Arizona and Utah by the time they got in bed that first night. 

St. George reminded me a lot of Palm Desert, California. Very resort-y feel to it, desert and rocks and mountains, dry heat, all that good stuff. We stayed here and it was a great, the rooms were modern and clean. It had a beautiful view of the red rock mountains, only thing which wasn't so great for our family of 5, no roll away or trundle. Long story short, Aaron and I somehow ended up sleeping on the floor. No bueno, but we pretended we were camping and laughed about it. 

We left the next day by 9am, Idaho bound. We stopped for lunch in Salt Lake City at Lone Star Taqueria, which was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, for delicious mexican food. We made it to Idaho by 4pm, and what a beautiful drive it was. Utah has some incredible scenery, just stunning. 

I can't wait to share all the details on the Idaho part of our adventure. The amazing hotel, rodeo, and more! To be continued...