Can we get an amen for the weekend?! I would live one less day to go back and relieve this day. That doesn't make sense right, because then you're just trading one day for another day and then your life is exactly the same length? But I'd still do it. So there. We hiked up to Phelps Lake in the Grand Teton National Park and were rewarded with a view of the lake that you can only reach on foot. I can't say enough good things about this vacation. The people we shared it with, the sights we saw, the memories we made. 

Now for this weekend that I thought would never be here. We have a graduation party, a pool party, and a date night. 

A sheet mask DIY that I worked on. 

Then you can follow with this

This double pregnancy announcement, too cute. 

Big sale going on at Madre Beads before they head to their new site shop!

On sale, I live in mine

I also lived in this dress on the trip, also on sale, and might I add even cuter in person. 

An elephant tantrum to make you smile. 

Hoping your weekend is way better than your week! xo