2015 Family Week 26/52

Week 26 in the 52 Week Family Project

Half the year. Boom, gone. Not to mention I turned THIRTY-FIVE this week. Ugh, I hate getting older. I can't believe 40 is staring me in the face now. But that's for another post :) This past week the kids were in a local day camp and had a blast despite their whining Monday morning that they wouldn't enjoy themselves. The whining got less as the week progressed and they had to admit that they enjoyed the break from mom, and loved playing field games, going on field trips, cooking, and more fun activities. I also enjoyed the break. I had plans that I would work like crazy so as to not feel guilty that paying for three kids for a week at camp is an insane amount of money. Alas, I had like 2 clients. But I decided that I wouldn't feel guilty about it and instead make the best of the week. Aaron and I met for lunch THREE times. THREE! That's more lunches than I've had with him in forever, well maybe not forever, but since he started his new job. I also got a chance on Friday to visit his main office and finally put some faces to names that I hear all the time. This weekend Greta had a sleepover at her friends house, and we enjoyed a fun graduation party, where I unfortunately acted like I wasn't turning 35 the next day and hurt my neck pretty badly.