Graduation Themed Candy Dessert Bar


Are you celebrating a graduate this summer? I had so much fun putting together this graduation/school themed candy bar for Sawyer. We do graduations big in this house since we don't celebrate holidays or birthdays. We do preschool, elementary and will do high school for each of them. With three kids two grades apart, I get a year break in between elementary school grad parties and then they know the next one will be high school. I have to skip middle school or else I'd be throwing a 100 person grad party every year for 3 solid years because of how the grades work out. When we did Gunnar's two years ago we started a little tradition that I think each kid loves. We have a taco cart, photo booth, dance floor and dancing. And then I add little details to make them each unique. Gunnar had root beer floats, Sawyer got this candy bar and we also did a slideshow of photos of Sawyer from the last almost 11 years. Who knows what Greta will have! Update: Greta chose an ice cream sundae bar with all the fixings!

Sawyer is gluten free and dairy free which limits our dessert options significantly. I didn't want to be tied to personally dishing out dessert either, I wanted to enjoy him on this night and dance dance dance. So it was self serve with little baggies next to the goodies. My sister and brother in law got these adorable signs and chalkboard markers and helped with some of the treats, and the rest I just picked up at my local Party City and on Amazon. I'll share my sources below (affiliate links included). But here's all the photos with the different candy options. The only thing Sawyer couldn't eat was the Kool Kats (Kit Kat bars). I came up with creative, school themed names for each candy, and then the glowsticks were a bonus and a MUST if you have a nighttime outdoor party!


Here's the rundown of what we used:

And there you have the entire candy bar! Be sure to use different heights and sizes of clear vases and containers, I even used a few cupcake stands for the ring pops. Make sure you have tongs for items like the gummy worms, and a spoon if you do a bowl of jelly beans.