2015 Family Week 25/52

Week 25 in the 52 Week Family Project

Can you believe we almost halfway through the calendar year? Yikes. This week was pretty tough for a slew of reasons, but ultimately marriage is hard. Really hard sometimes and since we are always changing as people, and our circumstances are always changing, that means you have to work hard to get everything and everyone on the same page again. And we all know I hate change. Not just change, but I can be a pessimist too. As I get older I notice more and more that I don't look on the bright side, I expect the worst, and it's a sucky way to live. Thus, I'm working on it. In good news, I took the kids to Disneyland one day this week which was amazing, we chilled at home a lot, I worked when I could which was always in the 3-9pm range, and now we are all looking forward to the kids first week at camp coming up. Breaks in the norm for us all, field trips for them, flexible work hours for me, win win to break up this summer. 

*edited to add: my mother really doesn't like me using the adjective "hard" when describing marriage. so you can input any adjective you'd like there to make yourself feel better, but if anyone thinks that marriage is "easy" then they are not married. it's hard and i don't think that is a bad thing at all! hard things end up being the best things because they end up being worth all that hard work. hard work is still work, but it doesn't mean it's miserable or depressing or unhappy. so don't think that just because marriage is hard it's not beautiful. there, you get it now? mom? ;)