Nine years ago today our family was completed by your arrival into this world my Grets. This is the last year of single digits for you and I'm trying to wrap my head around how my youngest child could be this OLD! 

Third grade went amazingly well and you overcame having a male teacher for the first time. You ended up loving it after getting over the initial shock. I think you're pretty comfortable around males since you're outnumbered by them at home. You went to a Father Daughter Dance and you would've thought you were going to France by your excitement. The theme of the dance was actually Paris, so it was extremely fitting since you're still hell bent on going to Paris for vacation one day. We have a travel jar and you often argue with your brothers over the destination. 

You love to read and play guitar, and recently started up your guitar lessons again. It's one of my favorite things, just to watch you play. You've started rummaging through my closet and even steal my tops occasionally. You call dibs on things you don't want me to get rid of, the things you want me to save for when you're a "teenager". You talk about wearing makeup but you know the rules. Lip gloss at 13, and eye makeup at 15. 

We discovered recently just how physically strong you are. You're like Ant Man, and I watch with my chin on the floor as you do pull ups and gymnastics. Apparently at recess you hang out on the bars and practice. We are constantly laughing at your sense of humor and the funny things you have to say. You are sarcastic and witty. As far as television shows are concerned, you love Naked and Afraid, which is hilarious to me. You also love the Disney Channel and to watch all the movies your brothers love. Avengers, Star Wars, comic book heroes, adventure, we introduced you and the boys to Jurassic Park recently and now you're all about seeing the new one. 

We recently saw your surgeon and he gave you an A+ at the visit. He's moving back to the military base back east and I would be lying if I said it didn't make me nervous that he isn't close by anymore. But he has promised to be easily available for us and I know we are in a great location for medical care. Your half a thyroid is doing amazingly well and the scar on your neck is such a sight of beauty to me. I look at it and am reminded of your strength and bravery and how healthy you are now. 

You are sassy and strong, kind and responsible, studious and loving, independent and thoughtful. I cannot wait to watch what the future holds for you because I know you will continue to shine such light and hope into everyone's life that you have shined into mine. Nine is going to be a good year baby, I just know it.