10 Things

1. Photo booths are fabulous. Period.

2. Have you read this book yet? Aaron and I are about halfway through, I read it aloud before bed. I won't go so far as to say life changing, but I am definitely taking note of a lot of points. It was the catalyst for our garage cleanup. It took part of an entire week, and even a 15 hour day, but it is like a million pounds have been lifted off our shoulders. 

3. I tried this on in Portland, and might just have to pull the trigger. 

4. Will you read the book?

5. School is finally out for all three of my kids and we celebrated our first full day with an exciting oil change at the car dealership. To make up for the thrilling morning we finished off the day at the movies watching Avengers. So good. And why have I not watched Thor yet? Need to go rent that stat. 

6. Speaking of movies, we watched Jurassic Park (the original) last week with a few families. Kids needed to be prepped for Jurassic World. I'm not sure they're all ready yet haha. 

7. Summer reading lists? Um, yeah sure. But how about your kids get paid for book reports!?!

8. Yikes, ban ear piercing for babies? Take me to jail. 

9. Do you follow Humans of NY? I laugh and cry and sometimes cringe at the captions. Worth a follow.

10. Thinking we need to reinstate more of these this summer.