Portland - Part Two

For our second full day in Portland we had a last minute change of plans. That's the beauty of traveling sans kids, you don't have to stick to a schedule or try to appease too many people. Over breakfast (at J&M Cafe which was DELICIOUS) we discovered my cousin wasn't feeling good so we were on our own for the day. We spontaneously decided to drive to the coast, check out Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach and do a hike in Ecola State Beach. This was pretty much the most perfect day trip we could've done. All of these spots were amazing, and the drive is stunning from Portland to the coast. 

I'm a Goonies fan and although Aaron doesn't share quite the same affinity for the movie that I have, he indulged my geeking out a bit. Cannon Beach is one of the cutest beach towns, worth walking around and checking out all the little shops and restaurants. We found the cutest old school candy shop and got the kids souvenirs.

Next we drove nearby to Ecola State Park and asked the ranger which hike he recommended. He was on point with his rec and we passed hardly anyone on the hike. It was indeed muddy, which we were warned about, but it was worth braving the mush. We passed a ranger who happened to be in THE best picture taking spot. Every corner we turned on the hike we were amazed by the view of the coastline, rocks, trees, it was breathtaking. We would just stop and stare and look at each other with this "is this for real?" look.

I learned on this trip to get over my embarrassment of asking people to take photos for me. These photos are a treasure to me and to think I hesitated each time asking a stranger to snap it for us. I am so glad I got over that early on in the trip and took advantage of nice Portlanders all over the place!

We drove back to Portland late afternoon, quickly freshened up and then met friends for dinner who had just arrived in Portland from Los Angeles. We had a fabulous meal at Woodsman Tavern, however beware you'll need to call well in advance for reservations. Order the meat sticks! You'll thank me later! 

For our last morning in Portland we decided to fit in one last adventure before our flight. We ordered room service for breakfast and packed up the room. We loaded up the rental car and drove to Washington Park, which I might add is where I would have to live if we ever moved to Portland. We went to the Rose Garden and had our minds blown. One of my biggest flaws as a human is my lack of smelling abilities. I mean, I have THE WORST sense of smell. And yet these roses, THESE ROSES! I could smell them. ALL! 

And this little building, it's a bathroom. I can't even. Too cute for using if you ask me. 

One of the things we didn't make it to for lack of time was Oneonta Gorge. But we gotta save something for next time right? 

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