What's In My Bathroom- An Esthetician's Guide to Skincare and Makeup

No makeup! Protect your eyes! Just kidding, not really, ok, maybe I'm not kidding at all. I haven't been this "bare" on here before.

As an esthetician I'm always trying and experimenting with new stuff, from cleansers to eye treatments to eye liners. I need to know how they work before I recommend them to clients. 

I mentioned a month or so ago that I had been trying out some new skincare and makeup products and I finally feel like I can give a little review on everything I have been using. I also figured why not go over what I use for makeup and my whole 3-5 minute morning routine. Obviously hair isn't in that 3-5 minutes because when I wash my hair, well, that gets penciled into my calendar twice a week. 

Let's just jump right in.

The first photo is of the right out of the shower, hair washed, nada on my skin photo. You'll notice I have some dark circles under my eyes, pigmentation on the bridge of my nose, I also have some pigmentation on the right side of my face, but that's hard to see in the photo. The pigmentation is from sun damage from years ago, and I do my best to minimize it's appearance and keep it from getting worse. 


Bioelements Flash Foam Cleanser is what I use typically at the end of the day, it takes off all my eye makeup and is great for combination skin. I have used it for years. 

The new cleanser I've been trying in the mornings is from Sephora and it's an oil cleanser. It's really nice, I have to say it's different not to lather with a cleanser, but my skin feels so good and healthy when I'm done. 

Twice a week I use a Konjac, also new to me. I use it with the oil cleanser and it's a great exfoliant, it has replaced using a scrub twice a week for me, but the concept is basically the same. I chose the one with charcoal in it because I can clog easily and wanted clean pores to be my main goal with this product. 

Day Time:

After cleansing in the morning I apply a BB cream. It took a lot of research for me to pull the trigger on this one. I debated between two for awhile, both were highly rated. I love tinted moisturizers because I don't wear foundation but need coverage to even out my skin tone. The fact that a BB cream also provides an SPF is a bonus. I have been so happy with this product, I don't know what I would do without it. Totally hooked. The second and third photo are just after applying this BB Cream by Too Faced. I went in to Sephora to get color matched, their shades are lovely, and I can't recommend it enough. I have been adding 3-4 drops of this Tsubaki Beauty oil to my BB cream every morning, and it gives it a little added hydration boost that I love. I just add the BB cream to my palm, add the oil drops and rub together before applying all over. 

The next photo is after applying under eye concealer and my eyebrows. I have extremely light eyebrows as you can see from the first few photos, so a little help is a must. I use a slanted makeup brush and a MAC eyeshadow. I don't use a brow specific product, but I'm thinking that'll be the next product I research, brows have come a long way since I started filling mine in decades ago. I use a brown eyeshadow for now. I love this concealer by Laura Gellar and use it every single day. I am not a fan of cake-y thick concealers, but I need coverage for my dark circles. It has been a really great balance of not being too thick, but providing the right amount of correction. 

Between pictures 4 and 5 I moved on to my eyes. I wear a little eyeliner on the bottom lid and outer half of the top lid. I do not use a liquid liner or a pen, I use a big pencil that can be easily smudged to make my mistakes look deliberate :) I cannot find any links to the eyeliner I use, but it's by TIGI and it's a black pencil liner, nothing fancy. It's soft and very forgiving when I apply it. I can only use very few types of mascara. I am allergic to the majority on the market. Right now I use Bare Escentuals and like it quite a bit. It sure beats the Chanel mascara price point, which is the only other brand I can wear. That is all I do for my eye makeup on a typical day. If it is a special occasion I'll wear a little eye shadow, but it's not the norm. 

Next up in pictures 6 and 7 are blush. I use a large brush and Bare Minerals powder blush in Faux Pas. I cannot leave the house without a bit of blush (I mean I can and I do, but it's only if I am working out). It makes me feel and look more awake to swipe a little blush on the apples of my cheeks. 

Lastly are my lips. I have a love affair with this skin stick and use it everywhere on my face, but mostly on my lips. I also have been known to swipe it just above my cheek bone and below my eyes for a dewy look. I can't say enough good things about it. And if I need a bit of color, I apply last, this Dior lip cream. I splurged on it one day after reading a ton of reviews, and now I can't leave the house without it. It's the softest, creamiest consistency, has rose essential oil which makes it smell divine, and has the faintest pink tinge to it. Not to mention it has an SPF too. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Well worth the price if you ask me. 

Before this gets even longer, I'll mention that I plan to do an evening post with my nighttime routine, what I use, any special treatments I do bi-weekly, once a month, etc., the whole shebang. I can never get enough information when it comes to what works for different people, so I hope you enjoyed me sharing with all of you what I do to keep my skin healthy and fresh looking. 

And I would love to know your absolute favorite beauty product if you care to share it in the comments.