Friday Links

Gorgeous right? Everywhere we turned it was this lush and beautiful in Portland. I think this was taken on our hike to Multnomah Falls. Good news, photos have been loaded, bad news, I only browsed through them and haven't had time to sit and edit them. But this one will have to do for now. Promise to post more next week. Maybe ;)

Hope you all have a good weekend (I know I'm several hours early for Friday links, but better early than late!). We have plans including a movie, which movie though, there's so many good ones out right now?! A fun kids' costume party to attend, a going away party for a friend and a family filled Sunday. What are you all up to? 

A few links that caught my eye this week...

I received this in the mail today, happy mail day indeed! It's adorable! Lacy does such a beautiful job with these necklaces, I have two now and still want to add to my collection. 

Can you imagine if this paternity leave was the norm? I think it would make that newborn stage so much smoother for us mamas. And the bonding would happen for dads earlier too. If only. Aaron took off more time with each child we had, but for our first I think he was off only two days. As in the day after I came home from the hospital, he was back at work. By our third I think he took off 2-3 weeks. But all that was unpaid time, and I get why dads have to go back to work so soon. 

This Time article on marriage was a good read. 

And have you heard of this before? Speechless.

I think this is fascinating, based on the rank of your name in the year you were born, it can look up what your name would be today or a number of decades in the past. Today if I were born, I would be a Josephine and if I were born a few decades ago? Elvira! hahaha! What did you get?

That should keep you all busy for awhile! Tell me, have you found anything interesting this week?