2015 Family Week 21/52

Week 21 in the 52 Week Family Project

Reunited, and it feels so good... Missed these kids something fierce. Last week was the last week of homework for Sawyer, which is extremely exciting for that kid. He worked his tail off this year and I'm so happy for him to have a break. Sawyer's teacher asked if Aaron could build a ramp for a math Olympic event. They made pasta racers and needed a ramp to help them hit the ground at the right angle. Aaron got into it pretty good, decorated the edges of the ramp in black and white designs and everything. The kids were dying when we dropped it off. End of year madness is creeping ever closer. Greta had her final project due today. It was a diorama and report on the giant panda. I think I could recite every detail about their habitat, diet and adaptations if I needed to. She presents tomorrow and then it's no homework for her too!