This and That

I have a few articles to share with you that I've recently written. First up, I put together a pretty cool (if I do say so myself) gift guide for graduates. From hobby sets to dope headphones, check it out. Next, this skin care article with a few blackberry recipes. Almost good enough to eat! 

In other news I can't turn my head. I woke up yesterday with a terrible kink in my neck, and I've been applying some hot and cold oils to it, laying on the heating pad and just willing it to get better. We're making negligible progress. Let's hope tomorrow I don't cry when I need to make a right hand turn driving. I think the anxiety of all the end of school year, end of elementary life (for Sawyer), the unknown, the known, it kind of crawled up my spine and decided to camp out there for awhile. 

Forgive me while I go ice my body. I'm feeling quite old this week and figure I deserve a little bit of whining every once in a while.