2015 Family Week 19/52

Week 19 in the 52 Week Family Project

My little family celebrated the beginning of our family 15 years ago this past week. We enjoyed a beautiful celebration with family and friends, from near and far. From Northern California to New York. It's been beyond lovely to see so many people in our lives who were at our wedding, and they are still such a big part of our lives now. I hope to share photos of the gorgeous evening hosted by my sister and brother in law, and my best friend and mother, just as soon as I can upload everything. But you can see from the photo above, it was beautiful. Sawyer enjoyed a big week where his fifth grade class put on a drama performance, Once Upon a Mattress. He was Sir Charles, and just about the cutest knight I've ever seen in my whole life. This year is just zooming by but I want to savor this moment so desperately.