Friday Links

Phew what a week! A big wholehearted TGIF if I ever saw one. This week has been weighing heavy on me for a few weeks. I had some big projects due, and one of them was such a big checkmark that I think I need a cocktail to celebrate. I can't wait to share what that one was all about with all of you. 

You probably noticed the extra posts this week that I worked on for a few campaigns, and I really appreciate your support whenever you see those articles. Plus, I think they provide such a fun bonus for all of you with the giveaways they usually bring to the blog. So enter away! Those $100 gift cards gotta go to someone! I don't even get to pick the winner, so for all you close friends and family that think I can't choose you, enter! You have just as good a shot as anyone. 

I would love it if anyone has any "must see, eat, drink, do" places for Portland, Oregon. Please share away in the comments or shoot me an email. We are planning a trip there soon and I need to get my list going!

I also had a really fun article published on Classic Play this week. And if you have kids, or if texting is still foreign to you, check out the awesome printable that Jen made. Golden! 

This beauty DIY is also a goodie, be sure to pin it for later. I am not sure if it's just my age, or if I'm noticing things more, but man am I getting old. I swear every other day I notice a new fine line, or a dark spot somewhere on my face. I've been trying a whole slew of new products recently, I have been bored with my usuals, and I will report back to you soon with my findings. So far only one product is in the return bin. 

Would you do anything different the second time around? 

Have you ever done one of  these top 10 no no's

This article is a good reminder to give your kids a little adventure. Helicopter parenting at parks kill me. Let your kids climb things, let them run! I was walking to school a few months ago behind a mom and her three year old (guessing, but I'm pretty good with kids ages). She ran a few steps and the mom reminded her, "we don't run, remember what happened last time you ran?" We don't run?! Huh? Remember what happened last time?! Kids run! They NEED to run or else they don't know what their legs can do, or how to coordinate their bodies. Let kids be kids, let them get hurt, and they will learn balance and speed and all the important skills needed. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend!