Links I Love

This Friday link post is going to start off with something very important and hopefully you've stumbled across it already online, on Facebook, on Instagram, somewhere! But just in case not, here are the details. My friend has put together such a wonderful awareness campaign for Lyme Disease. I am so proud of her work and vision, and the focus she is bringing to such a terrible disease. Where I live, Lyme isn't as common as in other parts of the country or world. But it's still here locally, and it affects friends of mine personally. We also have family and friends in the midwest who have been affected by this terrible illness. If you'd like to participate in the challenge, take a bite out of lyme, just like I did above, and see the other ways to bring awareness here. Did you know, "Studies show that up to half of all patients with Lyme Disease received false negative results. This delayed diagnosis means they don’t receive needed treatment in a timely manner." How cute is my Greta participating in it with me? She was so thrilled and surprised when she bit into that lime. Having children puts a whole new perspective on these illnesses, especially ones where our children are at the highest risk of contracting, and those can be treated with early intervention. 

I am sharing 5 reasons why children need art in their lives. At home especially! 

These 10 all natural exfoliators can be bookmarked or pinned for later. Don't you love that graphic?

Are you one of the 20% of people who have gene DRD4?

Are you a colorer? Maybe we all should be...

Did you know it's legal to leave kids home alone in Kansas at 6 year of age?! Scroll down to the guidelines printable to find out your state's requirement. FYI mom, California doesn't have one despite what you always tell me. :)

Free seed dissecting lesson for all you gardening mamas!

Jimmy Fallon, still my fave. 

Yikes, we gotta step up our game on this list, my kids have only been to 5 out of 40! Hoping that number goes up within the next few years!

Aha! Whole Foods is not always more expensive! Redemption

Watch this video, it will make you smile. 

And this one, well, it's the funniest thing I've watched a very long time.

Long link list this week, phew! I hope you all had a good one. Ours was full of parent teacher conferences where one teacher asked me why I needed a conference, it would just be to tell me how great my kids is. I told her I'd for sure take a rain check and ask for that conference when I needed to be reminded of that haha. Conferences also meant half days at school so I didn't get too much done other than chores and a little work, and a short car wash and shoe shopping date with Aaron. Shoes for him, not me. Whomp whomp.

It's March, which means another month for the 100 Item Donation Challenge. How did you do in February? I made it to 80 items, but then when we were in Mammoth for our trip I managed to leave behind (on purpose-like a winter closet donation to future tenants) a jacket, two pairs of ski socks,  a pair of goggles, and then I threw out 2 pairs of other ski socks, and then I have about 5 items ready to go to my niece for her first winter in the snow, whenever that may be. So that brings my total up to 91. Close! I'll have to make up for those 9 items this month. Happy purging!