2015 Family Week 13/52

Week 13 in the 52 Week Family Project

Lots of school happenings this week. I went to Gunnar's teacher conferences. Every advisory (homeroom) is assigned a 2 hour block of time, and they follow a schedule so that you can sit down with every one of your kid's teachers. However, it's not your typical school conference. Your child is there, leading the conference and the teacher is asking your child all the questions. I'm never uncomfortable asking questions or responding, but the main focus is that it's your child's opportunity to check in on their status and responsibilities and analyze where they may need more support. That evening we got to attend Sawyer and Greta's Open House at school. It's always a favorite evening of theirs and ours. They are both in chorus this semester and so they performed a few songs and it made me so happy to see them enjoy this new experience together. And to also realize this may be the last time they get to do something together in the same school. Sigh. Final elementary school Open House for Sawyer. Sigh. I got a picture of all three kids with the same teacher they all had in third grade. She's quite sad I have no more children coming down the elementary pipe, and this is her final year with one of my kids. All three are doing fantastic, and we are so proud of all of their hard work and accomplishments.