Friday Musings

This week was overwhelming at times and then some days I would find myself having fallen asleep on the couch. Ok, twice. And we're talking like 10-15 minutes, but still. I feel like naps are the biggest sign that I'm aging. Naps feel so good and then so terrible. After I wake up I ask myself why in the world would I ever want to take a nap again. It's not a great feeling for me, the whole post nap grogginess. Bleh. And then most days I go back to feeling overwhelmed. The good news is Spring Break is coming! Gunnar is already on Spring Break and Friday is the last day for these two. That picture above cracks me up. They put on a play for Aaron and I and it was based off a school paper Sawyer had written about an owl and his constellation. Best play ever. Especially those owl wings he made out of paper. 

Then there was this. Excuse the rogue foot in the corner. Oh how I miss the guitar sounds every day. My goal is to get them back to lessons pronto. 

Now that I've given you some of the highlights of an overwhelming week, here's some internet highlights for you too...

This story was so heartwarming. And incredible. 

I'm sharing a few honey hair masks this week. 

I love this shared boys' room! Not to mention, there's a cameo from Gunnar's side business, see if you can spot where. 

This is hilarious. 

Ben Stiller and Jimmy Fallon, if you haven't seen this yet, watch. Not only that, Zoolander 2 is coming!

And lastly, I have a very strange and humorous story. This week I was getting my nails painted (we have some very important events on the horizon this coming week, and I only get my nails painted for very important events). The Today Show was playing in the corner and I just happened to glance at the TV and see Kathee Lee and Hoda talking about a woman's Instagram picture. Low and behold I recognize the woman. Last year I received a job offer from her and I actually thought really hard about taking it, Aaron and I discussed it before realizing that the weekly commute to editor meetings in another part of the city would be way too difficult, so I turned it down. This was the woman, she runs a great online site, and is also a published author. It felt kind of like I knew her even though we had only met through emails. Crazy right!? And I loved her Instagram caption!

Hoping you have a fantastic weekend! xo