Happy Friday

This week has flown by and I'm pretty thrilled today is Friday. We got treated for termites earlier this week. Apparently there isn't really a house in Southern California that doesn't have termites. I was extremely happy that we didn't have to move out and go through the whole fumigation/tenting ordeal. We are able to just spot treat where they were and every year we will get checked and treated as needed. Because the thought alone of having to move all of us out, including every food item, foam item, shampoo, facial product, and then some, it just sent me into a spiral of panic and darkness. And then part of me was like "no, that would be the ultimate clean out this house needs!" and then my more rational part of my brain would ask "but is this the time for cleaning out your entire house from top to bottom?" And then I would cry. So hooray, for not moving out. 

Isn't that art display above incredible? The kids' school annual art show is next week and I worked with another parent to get Greta's class pieces up. She's second one from the left. It looks just incredible. There's a whole bunch of kids in the air you can barely make out over the classroom door doing flips and tumbling. 

Just a few links today because for the first time in a month I might be able to catch a class and exercise two times in one week! Unheard of around these parts. 

My friend just opened the cutest Etsy shop, I am debating about which necklace to order. 

Did you catch these planters Jen made? Love them!

An article I wrote on Hello Natural. 

Have a beautiful weekend! xo