This & That

It might be quiet over here but I feel like it's pretty loud everywhere else. I've been working on a lot of behind the scenes projects and slowly but sure I'll be sharing them with you. 

First up, I have a new post on alpha hydroxy masks over on Hello Natural that I really think you should check out :)

Also, I have an exciting month of giveaways on instagram happening. Right now. I'm giving away a necklace that is baby safe, teether approved, non-toxic but stylish and something I will wear any day of the week. I can't wait for my friend's Madre Beads shop to open on March 20th!

March is halfway done and I feel like that means the rest of the school year is just going to fly by with all the culminating activities and traveling we have planned. Life is not slowing down and so I guess I better pick up the pace to not fall behind.