2015 Family Week 9/52


Week 9 in the 52 Family Week Project

We spent a few days in Mammoth for our annual ski/snowboard trip. My camera battery died at the end of day 1 on the slopes. With zero photos of the five of us on it. And with no battery charger or backup battery packed. Fortunately the family we travel with are more prepared and didn't lose battery power so they snapped this on our last morning right before we headed home. This week Greta switched from skiing to snowboarding and I am so proud of that tough girl. It's really really hard to go from being so good at a sport to completely starting over from scratch. But she did it and by day 2 she was on the slopes with us. We had warned her that her first day would pretty much suck, and it did. She was exhausted and sore. No tears, but just a lot of whining. She kept telling us skiing was so much easier. Which it is, especially because she has been skiing for 5 years. But by the next day she had some determination. The group lessons were packed so we opted for a solo private lesson for an hour. She rocked that hour with her teacher and then we were told she was ready for chair lifts. She spent all day on the slopes with me. She told us she would be doing jumps in a few years, and also estimated she would be as fast as her brothers by next winter. Easy girl, easy. However part of me thinks she is totally right, when she sets her mind to something, there's no turning back. And I know she will thank us in a few years when she's the adorable snowboarder chick. My kids take turns surprising us each year. Last year Sawyer was amazing on his board and we were blown away with how he could go go go. Never a complaint and preferred all the really steep runs. This year Gunnar completely shocked us. He finally got to the point where he was adventurous and more daring than he's ever been. Rails, jumps, turns, you name it he was all over it. And it was so fun to watch him fall inlove with the sport again. And there you have another successful family snow trip, Aaron and I are ready to sleep for the next 72 hours straight to recover, but it was worth it. More photos and hopefully some video to follow soon.