Mid Week Links You Need!

Ha, you like that title, you need this. Just kidding, you don't really. But you may like it. Spring is in full swing in Southern California. 80 degrees and blooms everywhere. I think we skipped winter unless you count that very cold week we had a few months ago. And the little bits of rain. Now back to flip flops. 

In other news (see photo above), Greta rediscovered an old matching game and it drives her bonkers that I win every time. So she's determined to take me down. She practices almost every night and I have to say I have lost a few games fair and square. 

If you have any dilution questions about essential oils, I have found this extremely helpful. 

This article was a good reminder that we don't need to apologize for being a good mom. 

This graphic, ha! It might scare you, but it's informative and I can guarantee it's partly true because we have a daughter named Greta because of one of these graph accuracies. 

Do you like a good bath? You might after reading this

If you watch this inspiring video, you might need a tissue. 

Just got a package delivered this morning. It is going to be put to good use when I make my own deodorant this weekend. My girlfriend gave me a jar of this recipe and we have been using it for months and absolutely love it. And we're running out, so it's time to figure out how to make it on our own!

Our taxes are 75% done and I cannot wait to hit that submit button. Yes, I do our taxes. Yawn. It takes one horrid day and usually a few hours here and there to complete them. The horrid day is done, now just little stuff to complete. Can someone explain how I can have more deductions in 2014 then 2013 but am getting fewer credits?! It's not right. 

Hoping your week is shaping up to be a good one. Hey, humpday is almost done, doesn't that mean it's basically Friday? xo